mardi, novembre 30, 2004

Goodwill Missing

Honestly, twenty years ago (even 10 years ago) this would have been unimaginable.

lundi, novembre 22, 2004

Great Name; Crappy Logo

Go (g)Nats!

News from the dark ages, boy I'm getting tired of this edition

vendredi, novembre 19, 2004

News from the Dark Ages, volume 4

mercredi, novembre 17, 2004

News of the Dark Ages, part trois

mardi, novembre 16, 2004

On to other stuff

At least for this morning. I hate powerpoint. I'm not alone of course, and I'm not the best at expressing it. I am however subjected to more than a reasonable share of cookie cutter slide shows full of unintelligible charts, tables, and bulleted lists. As individual elements, those are all things I use effectively each and every day. I'm actually particularly fond of bulleted lists (visual cues if your not in the gun-happy US.) But, to really illustrate what powerpoint can do to a subject of some substance you should check out The Gettysburg Address, and when your done check out the Making of the Gettysburg Address by Peter Norvig.

Speaking of Norvig, maybe you want to check out his essay on hiring the president. I tried to keep politics out of this post. I almost succeeded too.

jeudi, novembre 11, 2004

Geez, who woke him up?

mercredi, novembre 10, 2004

And I thought I was angry


Let me see if I understand this correctly. My Doctor gives me a prescription and the pharmacist tells me I can't have it because of his religious beliefs. Does the cashier have to ring up your condoms or not? Is there a word that expresses something that is darker than dark, because calling this the dark ages just doesn't seem expressive enough. I'll have to think about that.

mardi, novembre 09, 2004

Maybe this is W's plan to stop outsourcing

You see, once the dollar to rupee exchange rate gets unfavorable enough, companies in bangalore will open shops in Mountain View.

lundi, novembre 08, 2004

Tell me the guy in the picture doesn't look like a neo-nazi

Here comes the pseudoscience, Monday Edition

dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

Map of Countries I have visited

Seems a little pathetic.

Let's see how can I continue to use this red thing? hmmm...

Red states won - now the red ink

News from the dark ages

samedi, novembre 06, 2004

And for those more into the Practical than the theoretical

Conspiracy Fuel, La Deuxieme

vendredi, novembre 05, 2004

Fuel for the conspiracy theorists.

jeudi, novembre 04, 2004

I wish I was this eloquent

The Day the Enlightenment Went Out
(New York Times so go to bugmenot first.)

Seriously, this is an excellent description of what has happened to this country, and how Rove used hate to outmaneuver the dems. It's a powerful tool. It worked for Hitler.

mercredi, novembre 03, 2004

From all around the world

People are trying to figure out how half of this county voted for Bush.

Truer words were never spoken

My friend Darrel just told me "Noone has ever lost an election by underestimating the intelligence of the american public."

I think the KISS principle was apparently put to good use by a lot of voters on Tuesday. Find one thing that you care about (Abortion, killing arabs, not electing tall people or those who have alien wives) and vote based on that. That's the problem with us Liberals, we spend too much time thinking and not enough time sitting on our fat asses watching "The View" or auto racing. Right now, I think I need a drink.

mardi, novembre 02, 2004

Something to think about on Election Day

The war in Iraq continues to be a big hit with Al Queda. Thanks George.