lundi, août 29, 2005


I'm not sure where we are headed.

I can't quite understand how people at this military funeral didn't just off a few of these guys. I mean, isn't this hate speech. Shouldn't people in the military be protected from this. If cross burning (rightly so) is an issue, what the hell is a sign that says "Thank god for improvised explosive devices."

Mr. Phelps, burn in hell.

dimanche, août 21, 2005

Off with a blast

After he offed himself I published a lengthy quote by Hunter Thompson. Well amazingly enough, yesterday he got his last wishes.
The star-studded crowd, which watched a cannon fire the ashes into the air, included the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, and his 1972 counterpart, George McGovern.

I must have read Fear and Loathing 10 times when I was in college, and later Hell's Angels, and even Generation of swine. We're going to miss you.

samedi, août 20, 2005

Spaghetti Monsters in the Sky

I came across this entry about Intelligent design on Boing Boing. What kind of freaking empirical evidence are the intelligent design numnuts looking for? Didn't they ever screw around with fruit flies in biology? The flat earth people are amusing, these guys are scary. I might have to look into Pastafarianism, though.


lundi, août 15, 2005

I waited twenty years for this concert

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And it was simply incredible. 30 feet from the stage. Even though they are fat and middle-aged, Wow.

samedi, août 06, 2005

Details, Details

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I just spent 3 days outside of Boston. This picture is of the Manchester, NH (home to a close friend) Visitor Center. It's hard to see the "closed" sign on the window, but it pretty much sums up Manchester as a visitor destination.

I did see an entertaining (which is not the same thing as good) baseball game (Manchester Fishercats) and enjoy about 4 hours at the Mall of New Hampshire, where I purchased two concert T's for my kids and obtained 1 highly polished nail due to a kiosk sales pitch.