dimanche, avril 17, 2005

Pressure washer label

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This weekend I bought a pressure washer from a guy selling tools out of a tent on the eastern shore of Maryland. This is the warning label from it. I've studied it quite a bit and I think that it says something like "Do not spray men in overalls; cats; electric plugs; airstream trailers or aliens." The alien could actually be a box of lemonheads, but I'm not sure they those in China.

samedi, avril 02, 2005

Little known fact

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I've won about a dozen and a half ribbons at the montgomery county fair for hot pepper jelly, jam, chutney and a handful of other things (champagne jelly once!)

So I'm not all about complaining about bush. This picture is a couple of handfuls of last years crop.

vendredi, avril 01, 2005


Due to current limitations in the USB specification for power consumption, your Fundue should only be used to melt cheeses and chocolates. However, when the new USB 3.0 specification hits the industry (which will allow USB devices to consume much more power), your Fundue will be ready for advanced fondue techniques such as oil dipping and desktop frying!