mardi, novembre 16, 2004

On to other stuff

At least for this morning. I hate powerpoint. I'm not alone of course, and I'm not the best at expressing it. I am however subjected to more than a reasonable share of cookie cutter slide shows full of unintelligible charts, tables, and bulleted lists. As individual elements, those are all things I use effectively each and every day. I'm actually particularly fond of bulleted lists (visual cues if your not in the gun-happy US.) But, to really illustrate what powerpoint can do to a subject of some substance you should check out The Gettysburg Address, and when your done check out the Making of the Gettysburg Address by Peter Norvig.

Speaking of Norvig, maybe you want to check out his essay on hiring the president. I tried to keep politics out of this post. I almost succeeded too.


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