lundi, octobre 18, 2004


No, not an Opie and Anthony reference, just an exclamation of utter disbelief.

This weekend, my neighbor and I had a few words as she was trying to convince me to support Bush. She wanted me to watch some DVD about Moore's film, as if that is really the reason I wouldn't support Bush. When I read articles like this, I can't figure out how people like her feel more secure.

And now for something completely different

Very Sad News, Soft Cell Singer Critical; I considered it a badge of honor that we managed to keep "Tainted Love" on the playlist of the jukebox at Hokie House for the entirety of my college career. And when I returned less than a year later to visit, I found it was gone. My remaining friends in Blacksburg were severely berated for that lapse.

mercredi, octobre 13, 2004

Where it all ends, I can't fathom my friends*

It's starting to look like the only son of a president who will be voting for W is, well, W.

John Eisenhower: Why I will vote for John Kerry for President

* "Son of a Son of a Sailor" — Jimmy Buffett