jeudi, septembre 30, 2004

Maybe Kerry would like to use this in his Debate tonight

A Correspondant's view on Iraq, from Iraq.

mardi, septembre 28, 2004

Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again...

I guess its pretty convenient to have your brother as the governer in a swing state.

Carter fears Florida vote trouble

Sorry for the obscure "All in the Family" reference.

vendredi, septembre 17, 2004

Facism, it seems, is alive and well.

This story (Mother's sign reads: 'President Bush You Killed My Son') is really scary. Is there a better word than stormtroopers for this? You'd half expect them to wear brown shirts. Be afraid; be very afraid.

lundi, septembre 06, 2004

Hopefully, this leaves me at least 14 1/2 minutes of fame left

Look under Pepper Jelly. I was a little disappointed at third place, but in retrospect I think I went too light on the habaneros.

However, the fact that my peach-habanero jam didn't place is inexplicable. It was perfect.

samedi, septembre 04, 2004

Lego my Eggo

Who's waffling now?

This story has the best line ever

The average gas-station attendant struggled harder to get where he or she is than did George W. Bush.

Another Quote
You may approve or disapprove of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, but it is clear beyond dispute that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. By turning the world in general and the young people of the Muslim world in particular against us, the decision to respond to al-Qaeda by toppling Saddam Hussein could have made future terrorism more likely, not less.