samedi, janvier 29, 2005

Fair and Balanced

jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

News from the dark ages, again [/sigh]

vendredi, janvier 21, 2005

War on Tyranny?

Pretty interesting use of consonance in W's inauguration speech. I mean why not the war on oppression or Dictatorships; hell why not the war of liberation. W (Rove) you must have thought "Gosh Tyranny sounds so much like Terror that the same idiots who voted for me won't notice that I have changed the entire nature of the mission." Anyways, it seems he's got quite a ways to go to win the hearts and minds of the people living under "Tyranny".

Many Pilgrims Stone 'Devil' Bush in Haj Ritual

Still more news from the dark ages

jeudi, janvier 20, 2005

Animal Kingdom Protests Inauguration with Ritual Suicide

Jumbo squid wash up on Southern California beaches

samedi, janvier 15, 2005

Maybe they can talk about this when they are confirming the attorney General nominee

U.S. Army's Graner Gets 10 Years for Iraqi Abuse

You really have to consider him a scapegoat considering that yesterday they convicted a soldier of murder and he only got one year.

vendredi, janvier 14, 2005

Will we be burning witches too?

Evolution ruling gets cheers from scientists "But some parents and religious conservatives decried the ruling as another in a string of what opponents call activist judges overruling the wishes of elected officials"

Shit Louise! Keep the freaking labratory out of church and church out of the labratory. What kind of activism is it to say that you ought to base science textbooks on science and not effectively redact parts of it based on theology. Putting the freaking stickers on the books was activism, idiots.

Now this isn't much of a surprise.

jeudi, janvier 13, 2005

Man I hate to be right all the time

mercredi, janvier 12, 2005

Who would have imagined

Admittedly, I used to think that Saddam probably had banned weapons. But then again I also believe in deterrents and mutually assured destruction, so I didn't much care. But who the hell knew that we were still looking for freaking banned weapons when it has long been obvious that there aren't any.

mardi, janvier 11, 2005

Rah, Rah, Rah!

lundi, janvier 10, 2005

News from the Dark Ages, 2005 edition