lundi, juillet 26, 2004

Let me change the subject to something else that ticks me off.

This article on baseball in Washington is so right on the money I almost think I wrote it.

Excepting, of course I never went to see the orioles play until well into my 20's, and I can still count the games on about three fingers. (Hey, twice the tickets were free, once in a suite.) Besides, there wasn't even a thought of moving any teams until the last couple of years.

He left out some important things between the two cities also. When the redskins wanted to build a new stadium in Maryland, Jack Kent Cooke asked the state to pay for 70 million in road improvements leading to the stadium. The 'Skins picked up the multi-hunder million dollar tag for fed-ex field. When Modell wanted to move his team Charm City, the state of Maryland got out it's kneepads,paid for the stadium and gave it to him as a gift! Including the concessions, parking, and seat licenses! Of course if the Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List wasn't 30 years long they wouldn't have been able to sell out the Ravens either.

If the Expos move to Northern Virginia, to keep the ambulance chasing owner of the orioles happy, they'll never survive. No one from Maryland will attempt to make that trip to see a game, and the people who live in Virginia will be too disgusted by the traffic.


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