jeudi, juin 10, 2004

The full cost of war

Before we invaded Iraq (and not long after I lived in the center of the DC sniper shootings,) I drew a little wrath from some friends when I said that one of the impacts of a new invasion was going to be a new crop of cold blooded killers returning home. Naturally, I don't mean everyone who serves, I don't even mean anything more than a few thousands of a percentage point. But, it seems like everytime I turn around there is another veteran/murderer. Upstanding soldiers like Timothy McVeigh, John Mohammad, and how about this current fugitive. I know I'm missing a few.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to malign veterans; I actually revere them. The thing is, someone ought to take things like this into the social equation when declaring war. A miniscule minority of folks learn to kill, and never turn back.


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