jeudi, juin 10, 2004

I'm changing my kids name to Ronald Reagan, both of them.

There doesn't seem to be anything that we shouldn't name after RR. Now to be fair, when Kennedy was killed my grandfather remarked that he thought he would have to rename his dog as John F. Kennedy because everything else was getting named that. But, I already live in a city with a Reagan Building and an airport named after him. Plus, we're keeping the world safe for americans with the USS Ronald Reagan.

I'm not understanding this: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is planning to introduce legislation to rename the Pentagon after Ronald Reagan. WTF? The republicans have spent the last 16 years running around naming everything they could after Reagan, and they don't think they are done? Nancy asked them not to name a ship after him and they did it anyways. What's next? Have him preserved with wax and enshrined in a tomb on the mall? This isn't about Reagan any more, it's about building a cult around his name. Even George Will was quoted as saying that plastering the name Reagan everywhere was starting to remind him of Saddam putting his image all over Iraq. Maybe we ought to change the name of the capital to Reagan. Was George Washington really that deserving?


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