mardi, juin 08, 2004

A timely article

This article on Reagan's ending the cold war is pretty timely. I don't think it diminishes the brilliance of Reagan's strategy to say that the Soviet Union was on it's way out anyway. Reagan developed a strategy to exploit their weaknesses and bring about the end as quickly as possible. I say that as someone who never voted for him, didn't particularly like him, and detested his policies. Reagan's greatest legacy should probably be the restoration of respect for the military, and of knowing how and when to use it most effectively. Like Teddy Roosevelt, RR knew that the show of force was often greater than the use of force. Reagan achieved great success by having a powerful military, not by using it.

Compare and contrast that with the current administration which, ironically, is populated with many of the same people. Having presided over Reagan's defense buildup, they weren't content to merely appear powerful. They required a shoot first and ask questions later demonstration of our might. Equally ironic the demonstration seems to be leaving us much less powerful on all fronts.


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