samedi, décembre 15, 2007

Photo Credit

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So, there is this site you've never heard of,, which apparently is trying to make a living out of borrowing (with permission of course) other peoples content and organizing it into travel guides.

I gave them permission to use this photograph that I took in Seattle a couple of years ago. If you can find the waterfall garden in Pioneer Square in Seattle on their site, one of the pictures is mine.

Hey, I get a photo credit, what's not to like? My cousin is a professional photographer (Miller Photography) and I bet he has no credits on Schmap!

I've been interested in photography all of my life (courtesy of my cousin, Scott) but I think this is the first time that I've been "published". The question is, can you make any money repurposing other peoples content. Is a little ego stroke, sufficient compensation for people like me who do the creative work?


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Paulie said...

I guess I mispoke. I have another photo credit (two actually) on something called They feature a combination of user-generated and repurposed content. My Norris Hall photo credits.


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