jeudi, mars 10, 2005

Something off topic (sort of)

I just returned from the absolutely fabulous Information Architecture Summit in Montreal, Quebec. Aside from the fact that I traveled many hundreds of miles NORTH in the winter, it was, as I said, absolutely fabulous.

The opening keynote speaker was B. J. Fogg from Stanford. His research is into the use of technology as a persuasive device. I'm interested in this quite a bit as my work is aimed at trying to get people to buy something fairly complicated online. The ethics are scary though, the potential to be very sleazy definately exists. One thing Dr. Fogg talked a great deal about was the persuasive power of video games. Specifically we discussed the persuasiveness (and ethics) of the army's free role playing game. It basically softens kids up for the recruiters. Who incidentally can thank the patriot act for being guaranteed access to their school records. Big brother is alive and well.

This was the first time I'd been out of the cozy confines of the U. S. since 9/11. Oh wait, that's right it's not cozy and there are enemies on every block, that's why all those people voted for Bush again. But I digress... Under the fabulous auspices of our travel office I got to come and go through Reagan National. Going out wasn't a big deal, but coming back gave me an appreaciation for what these people have gone through. Ridiculous amounts of prodding, poking and searching.

Well there you have it, an actual post from me. Oh and thanks to The Terps for taking a dive today and probably killing the Hokies chances at any tournament unless they go way deep in the ACC tournament. Gilchrist should definately go pro.


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